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What settings provide the best video quality on YouTube

Are you unhappy with the quality of your video when you upload it to YouTube while that same video looks just fine when viewing it straight from your own harddrive? This guide will go a little into detail of what is most likely happening.

MadMikeFPV | tutorials | 18 April 2020 13:32

The ultimate FPV buying guide 2020

So, you stumbled upon one of those fancy cinematic video's on youtube and thought.. I want that too! Well, in this guide I'm going to tell you a little bit more about FPV and the things you need in order to get started!

MadMikeFPV | tutorials | 5 March 2020 23:35

RHCP & LHCP and why it matters

In order to establish a connection between your drone's video transmitter (VTX) and your goggles or monitor (VRX) you will need a set of matching antenna's. It might be quite a burden to choose the right antennae for your task. In this article I'm going to explain some basics which might be useful to make the right choice.

MadMikeFPV | tutorials | 25 February 2020 22:26

HOW TO: Configuring TBS Cloud

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to configure TBS Cloud on your crossfire module and TBS Fusion to enable the full connectivity between your crossfire and fusion. This allows you to use the features like VTX Follow, and to change other settings without the use of smart audio or LUA scripts.

MadMikeFPV | tutorials | 21 February 2020 19:37