Building the Armattan Tadpole

Building the Armattan Tadpole

I decided to jump on the hypetrain and build a toothpick size quadcopter; The Armattan Tadpole. I wanted this little gem to have a little more juice than just old school SD video from DVR, and therefore equipped this guy with a runcam split nano whoop.

What parts did I use?

Frame: Armattan tadpole
FC: BetaFPV F4 20A Toothpick AIO
Motors: BetaFPV 1103 8000kV brushless
RX: TBS Crossfire Nano
VTX: TBS Unify Pro32 Evo Nano
Cam: Runcam Split Nano Whoop

Why did I choose those parts?

I honestly have exactly zero experience with quadcopters of this size, so choosing the right motors and flight controller were a shot in the dark. I'm familiar with crossfire and unify's and that's the main reason for picking these parts for this build. I have seen comparison video's of several cameras like the Runcam Split and I believe this one suits my needs the most compared to its competitors.

Build timelapse

The verdict

This build didn't go perfect, but I'm happy with the result. One thing that really bothers me is that the mounting holes of the Runcam do not align with the mounting holes of my flight controller, So for now the runcam is piggy-bagged on by the use of some double-sided sticky tape. It works, but it doesn't look as good as I'd hoped for.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for flight footage!


Thijmen - 18 February 2020 16:58
Looking good! Especially like the purple props on the black frame and motors
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