What's up!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Mickael, my interest for quadcopters started around January of 2018. I saw a lot of flight footage passing by on my youtube feed which got me interested. Before quadcopters I was already doing lots of stuff with 3d-printers. And I'm fairly sure pretty much anyone knows how those two hobbies go hand in hand.

... So, i did my research.. And I went in (giggity). I bought a lot of cheap parts, I bought a soldering iron, I bought tin. Then a few weeks later when I had all the parts I forgot that I didn't even know how to solder yet. But still, a few hours later my first quadcopter was built. Without magic smoke! That feeling of euphoria kept me longing for more.

And now we are here. I decided to setup this page because I want to share my knowledge and stories. I'll post all of that here on this website so others can learn or enjoy my stories.

Do you have an interesting topic which you would like to see me write about or even make a video of? Don't hesitate to contact me. And we'll see what I can arrange.

Cheers! ~ Mickael

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